Easily integrate business communications into your applications or processes

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Open Gateway (O2G) provides REST Full APIs to help developers access OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS) capabilities, including advanced call control, system and user management and analytics using open web interfaces.

In addition, the O2G is a scalable application gateway that has a built-in Docker engine to host your applications as micro-services saving server space and improving security.

Finally, it provides high-availability and enhanced serviceability tooling capabilities for developing mission-critical applications used in verticals and industries for on-premises systems.

o2G overview
Latest news

Release 1 - commercial GA

O2G is now fully available in Release 1. Download latest ACTIS 22.2 (Quotation tool) to quote and buy O2G licenses. O2G is also part of the LAB/DEMO program 2018.



Thanks to all participants for tests, feedbacks othough collaboration bubble !


EARLY ADOPTERS Started (17 march)

EARLY ADOPTERS phase started as of March 17th. "OPEN PROFILE" get public access to shared sandbox and SIP softphone access to thes advanced telephony API, management and analytics API. download the latest presentations


EARLY ADOPTERS Partners Selection Campain started (BETA 17 march 2018)

EARLY ADOPTERS PARTNERS PROFILE : - early adopters / developers with good knowledge on OXE - willing to integrate external applications with OXE (screen pop - make call - user provisionning portals, self-service portals, PRS integration, ...) - technical skills on REST APIs, full-stack web development. BENEFITS FOR THE PARTNER : - be the first to use and test O2G with a private SANDBOX and dedicated support with central ALE people - access to private SAMPLES CODES from ALE - first Production Customer free of charge (if accepts CUSTOMER REFERENCE and limited to fisrt 100 ADVANCED TEL USERS ). - influence next version with specific features